Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

Recognizing environmental conservation as the most important issue around the world, we aim to become a company more trusted by society with our basic principle of coexisting with the local environment in Toyohashi City. We will make constant efforts toward the contribution to social sustainable development through our manufacturing.

Action Guidelines

  • 1.   Comply with environmental laws and regulations to prevent environmental pollution.
  • 2.   Reduce waste and promote appropriate disposal and recycling.
  • 3.   Engage in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by setting environmental goals, promoting continuous improvements, and conducting regular reviews.
  • 4.   Actively use technologies that contribute to a reduction in the environmental burden to lower environmental burden.
  • 5.   Ensure that everyone in the company is informed of the policy to raise the awareness of environmental issues and make the policy available to the public outside the company as well.