OHBA’s Philosophy

We never say "We can't".
This is the OHBA Way.

Once our customer ask us for help, we don't say "We can't." even if the issue is generally considered to be impossible to solve. We bring all of our cultivated technologies and knowledge together, we study how we can do it, and we work with our customer to solve the problem. Providing what no one else can to our customer is a value unique to OHBA.

We believe that every problem is
a source of growth.

We have confronted many challenges, and we have overcome them every time. In case the problem cannot be solved by traditional technologies, we simply develop new ones. The higher the wall in front of us, the more we can grow in surmounting it. And the more we grow, the more we have to offer to our customers.

Foresight and preparation.
Beyond the expected.

Technology is evolving day by day. We know it is important to stay up-to-date, anticipate the trends, and always be prepared to meet our customers' demands. We act proactively and prepare for our customers' requests. We believe this is how to exceed the customers' expectations.

Skills determine
“Monozukuri” (manufacturing) capability.

The most important in the precision processing is not the machines or equipment but the people who use them. Skills make difference in Monozukuri capabilities. This is why we focus on human resource development—so that everyone can achieve higher skills through various experiences and develop a strong mind to confront difficulties. Monozukuri capability depends on everyone’s skills. We believe so.